On logs and liturgies

19 Nov

The greatest diarists are self-absorbed failures who watch the powerful with envy and occasional cattiness. Alan Clark, Tony Benn, Chris Mullin, and (the surprisingly entertaining) Gyles Brandreth. Every day I worry I will one day turn into Gyles Brandreth. Incidentally if you haven’t watched John Hurt as the misogynist, leering wretch of a Tory, you really must. The start of each episode is hilarious. Devour:

Enough. Here is my review of Ruth Winstone’s political diary of Britain, from Woolf to Campbell:


Philip Larkin captures my Christianity better than any other poet. That awkward, half-hearted, half-whispered Christianity that the Church of England does so well. Here’s a clip of Larkin talking to Betjeman about “Church Going”. (Betjeman then recites it as Larkin acts it out. Terrific.)

I do like churches more than Church. Here’s a review of Roger Scruton’s history of our Church (C of E):



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